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Carving Skis

  • Width: <80 mm
  • Terrain: GROOMERS
  • Strengths: Quick turn initiation, edge grip, short/medium radius turns
  • Limitations: Soft/deep snow, long radius turns

If you mostly stick to groomed trails and want a ski that puts the emphasis on turning, this is your category. Keep these skis on the hardpack and enjoy the art of laying trenches.
s = System (includes binding)

All Mountain Skis

  • Width: 80 - 90 mm
  • Strengths: Versatility, easy turning, maneuverability, variable radius turns
  • Limitations: Bulletproof hardpack, deep powder

These are your “one-ski-quiver” models. The dimensions and construction of all-mountain skis are designed to compromise in the name of versatility. For an average day on the slopes these skis will provide the best overall experience.
s = System (includes binding)

Big Mountain Skis

  • Width: 90 - 100 mm
  • Terrain: MIXED SNOW / POWDER
  • Strengths: Steep lines, high-speed stability, medium/long radius turns
  • Limitations: Hardpack, low-speed maneuverability, short radius turns

This category could also be called All-Mountain 1.B or Western All-Mountain. If we had to pick one differentiator, it’s that Big Mountain Skis are built to charge and like to be skied aggressively.
s = System (includes binding)

Powder Skis

  • Width: >100 mm
  • Terrain: POWDER
  • Strengths: Soft/deep snow, float
  • Limitations: Hardpack, edge grip

While flotation is the #1 goal on powder days, it's also key to be able to actually ski. That requires the right balance of camber, dimensions, and materials. It’s what keeps a fat ski floaty in powder, stable at speed, and not too one dimensional.
s = System (includes binding)

Touring Skis

  • Terrain: BACKCOUNTRY
  • Strengths: Climbing
  • Limitations: In-bounds terrain, firm snow

For a ski to be touring capable, all it needs is a touring binding. What separates these skis is that they have been designed and constructed specifically for alpine touring. That means ultralight materials and an emphasis on climbing, so you can travel deep into the backcountry.

Junior Skis

From itsy-bitsy beginners, to prodigious tweeners, we have junior skis for all sizes, skill levels, and skiing styles. These skis are built with an emphasis on both durability and skill development. Meaning whether your kid gets them brand new or as a hand-me-down, they’ll help make skiing fun and productive. If you’re here in Park City, don’t forget about our Trade-In, Trade-Up program!
s = System (includes binding)

Race Stock Skis

These are our skis dedicated solely to racing and its related training. From FIS-norm World Cup skis to Masters and NASTAR “cheater” skis, if you’re racing competitively we have your weapon on this wall. Racer Pricing is available for verified USSA Alpine Competitors.