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Snowshoeing with jans.com

Round Valley, Park City, UT | Photo: Mike Schirf

Guided Snowshoe Tour in the Uintas

Park City Guided Tours

All of our guided tours here in Park City, Utah, are customized specifically to you and your friends or family. That means you choose the time that works best for you, and your group gets the undivided attention of our highly-trained and fully-certified guides. With trips and tours available year-round, we can lead you on a personalized experience no matter when you come to visit. Book your tour (or tours) online in advance and your personal mountain guide(s) will be waiting for you when you get to town.

Check out all of our available tours below and learn more about our two Expert Guiding Services.

Road Biking with jans.com

Martin Holly | Farm Trail, Park City, UT

Jans Expert Guiding a local Road Bike Tour with jans.com

Professional Guides, Local Knowledge

Experienced, highly trained, and fully certified, our Expert guides are true professionals in their respective fields. But certifications aren’t the only thing that matters. When it comes to guiding, there’s no level of training that can match local knowledge of the terrain. The trails, rivers, and rock faces our Experts will show you are a part of their daily lives – whether on the job, or out for fun. Our guides call Park City home for a reason, and take pride in being able to share with you what makes these mountains so special.

Hiking with jans.com

Patrick Coffey | Uinta Mountains, UT | Photo: Mike Schirf

Jans Expert guiding a hiking tour in the Uinta Mountains, Utah