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Jans Expert Custom Fits

When it comes to bicycles and ski boots, Function is important, Fit is critical, and Fashion takes a back seat. To give you the best experience possible, and for enhanced comfort and performance, the Experts at Jans offer custom fitting with every bike and ski boot we sell.

Combined, Jans experts have over 200 years of experience doing custom fittings, so we know how important they are, and we know how to do them right.

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For more information call 800-745-1020.

Boot Fits

A Jans custom fit ski boot is not only more comfortable, it also provides better circulation so it’s warmer. A Jans custom fit will also allow your feet to be more relaxed because they won’t be moving around inside the boot. The result: a more relaxed foot means there’s less fatigue in your feet and legs.

Custom Bike Fits

Have you ever been on a long bike ride when your lower back starts to hurt? That’s most likely because your bike doesn’t fit properly. learn more