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Item: UFM00237

Umpqua Tiemco TMC2488H Hooks - 25pk

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Tech Specs Tech Specs

  • Size12 - 22
  • Primary UseFly fishing

Description Description

If you like the 2488s for your nymphs, then you'll love the TMC 2488H from Tiemco, especially for scuds, pupa, and egg patterns. With a 3X wide hook gape, 2X short curved shank, and 2X heavy wire design, this fly fishing hook is perfect for short-bodied nymphs and egg patterns that need to get down fast. Forged with a straight eye and finished with a classic bronze look, this hook is the perfect platform for many different patterns. From glo bugs to rainbow scuds and even RS2's, the TMC 2488H is your go-to heavy nymph hook.