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Item: TUB00013

Tubeology Nano Low Water Fly Tyers Set

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Tech Specs Tech Specs

  • Primary UseSalmon and steelhead tube fly tying kit

Description Description

Tubelology's Nano Low Water Fly Tyers Set has what salmon and steelhead anglers need to create their collection of tube-style flies tied for smaller, shallower waters. This kit contains brass and aluminum tubes in different colors, a tying vice, and interchangeable heads.

  • 24 aluminum coneheads
  • 3 brass tubes (14mm)
  • 21 aluminum tubes (14mm to 25mm) 
  • Tubeology tube liner 2.5mm hook retainer (clear silicone)
  • Luminous hook retainer
  • Tubeology Nano Bag for storage